3 Reasons Why You Must Declutter Starting Today

Since I attended a workshop on decluttering by Lisa Law Design, I have been in a decluttering mode. Every single weekend that I am at home, I have been tackling big projects remove clutter. On the weekdays, I organize smaller spaces like a drawer, a kitchen cabinet or a bookshelf. After just 3 weeks into it, I am so thrilled that I cannot help but share my excitement with you.

You may have started on the path of clutter-free home or office, after reading the actionable steps that I shared a few weeks ago. Did you continue doing it? If not, no problem. Once you hear the results I have seen, you will be motivated to keep going. So here are my results and also the reasons why YOU must choose to declutter your environment.

  1. It creates a stress-free life.
  2. Before:
    It’s not every day that I get to to dress up in traditional Indian attire. It is saved for spacial occasions a few times a year. So you can imagine that dressing up “perfectly” on such occasions is an expectation I had set for myself. Here is what used to happen. EVERY SINGLE time, I dressed up in traditional Indian attire like a sari or salwar kameez, I would never find any of the matching accessories which I had specially brought from India just for that attire. If I found a necklace, I would not find bangles. If I found, ear-rings, the matching necklace would be missing.

    I would never remember where in the world I kept those. If I was lucky, after looking for it for hours, I would find some substitute accessories which will make do. But in many cases, I would run short of time and rush out of the house stressed. Neither would I be happy with the way I dressed up nor would I reach the event on time.

    Now this is exactly what happened when I attended a wedding just a couple of weeks ago. It was a 2 day ordeal with 4 different events in the festivities. But I had the complete attire including the matching accessories ready for each of the event. And it did not take me more than 30 minutes to pack all that. The best of all I did not forget anything or did not look for any piece for more than a minute. I could not believe I was ready to leave before the planned time! It was such a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

    What changed?
    After the workshop, I had decluttered all of my clothes, purses, and other accessories. I donated what did not have a place in my heart creating more space in my closet for the things that I love. Instead of hiding in a suitcase, all my Indian accessories were stored where I can clearly see them and easily access them any time I want. An added bonus is that now when I look at those every day, they remind me of my culture and all the fond memories we have shared.

  3. It increases productivity.
  4. Before:
    I was looking for keys, a phone, a wallet, a matching scarf, notes from a previous meeting, a skirt which goes with a blouse, Argo’s toys, that email from a colleague… The list goes on, and on, and on. I have wasted so much time in looking for stuff that I might as well have bought it new.

    I can find pretty much anything I want in just seconds. I know where it is and I am getting into the habit of putting it back where it belongs. This is such a time and energy saver.

    What changed?
    Since I decluttered, my goal has been to create a dedicated space for every single thing I want to own. If it does not have a space, it should not stay. If it is worth having, I must create a space for it. I have also started reorganizing my email folders. Finding the exact reference within seconds is proving to be very productive.

  5. It inspires and motivates.
  6. Before:
    I used to come home or go to the office feeling nothing special. Same old routine, just a different day.

    I cannot wait to come home or reach office. It feels welcoming. It feels like everything is in order as it should be. I never would have believed anybody if they told me that such a feeling is inspirational. But it really is! When you feel that there is order around you, you start bringing in newer experiences, challenges, and possibilities without allowing them to overwhelm you.

    What changed?
    It all started with one chair. A chair which I did not care for but was not willing to part with because I did not have a replacement. A wise friend told me that just get rid of it. The empty space will make you think about novel furniture ideas. Who knows you may even like the empty space. Sure enough, I do not miss the chair at all. I absolutely love the empty space. Every time I sit in the living room, I look around, and take in that spacious feeling. It brightens me up and motivates me to do something – cooking, reading, writing – anything.

Decluttering has a magical impact on our minds. It is liberating. We are often overwhelmed by the chaos, and lack of order and empty space around us. The plethora of things unknowingly take over the clarity of my mind. I am not even a pack rat but whatever little I had was still more than what I should have had. Only keeping what I love in my life has proven to be stress-free, productive, and inspirational for me. I sure hope you experience the same.

Have you started reorganizing? If yes, how did you feel after that?

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    • Ashwini, you are very welcome. Thanks to you, I started to compile all my thoughts on organization which turned into this week’s post. Do read it. I am sure it will help you in organizing kitchen. 🙂 All the best!

  • Manasi,
    Last Sunday I squeezed out some time to declutter and could clean up just one section of my Lenin closet. But after doing that I felt different joy and was able to complete all of my remaining not so interesting chores which I normally am not able to complete.
    So yes I felt inspired and productivity definitely increased. Thank you for sharing.
    Manasi but most of the times I get stuck on question how to organize? I always go through lots of links which give information about how to organize your rooms but nothing really worked for me for Kitchen. My Kitchen is most cluttered room in my house. So if you have any ideas/links about organizing please do share with us.

    • Hi Ashwini,

      Thanks for sharing. Great to hear that you felt inspired and productive after reorganizing.

      Here is what works for me while organizing a kitchen:
      1. Handle ONLY a small area at a time – say a drawer or 1 rack of spices or all the jars of lentils etc.
      2. Do a little bit new every day or at least every week, until you get to where you want to be.
      3. Realistically ask yourself “how often do I use this?”. Mere intention or a plan of using does not count. How often have you used it in the past? Be honest.
      4. Then restore things based on the frequency you use them. More you use it, more easily accessible and clearly visible it should be e.g. in a cabinet or on the counter. If it is not used often, do not keep in the eyesight. Keep it way say in an attic or store-room.
      5. If you have not used it in the past year, just donate it right now or give it to a friend who will use it. Don’t worry about “what if I need this?”. If you need it in future, the universe will find a way to get it to you. But right now, do not get stuck in that.

      Once you become brutally honest about what you really use vs. what you just intend to use, the progress will be much faster.

      Be persistent. It is much easier to keep something clean and organized when it is already so. When it becomes too much, it is so overwhelming that you don’t even feel like starting anywhere.

      Hope this helps. All the best!

  • Dont you think this will also pass. Considering that one day you may not have anything to do.

    May be we need to think whether it is a journey or destination?

    • Hi Abhinav, you bring up a great point. I see this as a periodically recurring stream of projects I will keep doing the rest of my life. While the process is a journey with stops, getting to that mindset can be a destination.

      I have realized that more I do, more I find to do. It is really hard to reach that 100% clutter-free stage where I LOVE every single thing I own.

      I also noticed that the things I used to love do not represent who I am so much anymore. Styles and likes change over the time. Then it becomes imperative that one constantly evaluates what fits and what doesn’t in the environment. After all the whole purpose of this is to create a surrounding which motivates you to be who you want to be. If your aspirations change, surroundings should as well.

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