Top 11 Traits of Highly Successful People

What makes a ‘successful’ person? I am not wondering, what achievements make a person ‘successful’ but I am wondering, what some common traits are of the people who we perceive as ‘successful’.

Whatever your definition of success is, you will agree with me that some people seem to have that aura around them that makes us think, “I bet, he / she will be successful”. What constitutes that aura? More I observe such people, more I figure out what they have, that seem to attract great happenings!

Here is the list of top 11 characteristics.

11. No gossip: They live by this rule.

Top 11 Characteristics of Highly Successful People | Magic Monday Post by Manasi Kakade

They have an uncanny way of expressing their dissatisfaction without putting anyone down.

10. Easy to get along with: Their magnetic personality makes it easier to get along with them. They hardly make any enemies. Now, we all have acquaintance that may be envious or jealous of us. But generally speaking, these people easily get along with even the worst apples. They do not have to work hard to make it happen.

9. Excellent communication: Even when the rest of the office is chatting away all their frustrations, these people seem to blend in without participating. They use their sense of humor to see things in a bright light, and express those in a way that lightens the tension in the air. They understand the difference between opinions, facts, and perceptions. And they know that the freedom of speech comes with a responsibility.

8. Courage to stand up for one’s believes: Just because they get along with everyone does not mean that they would not stand up for what is right. They sure make it a point to let ‘right’ people know how they feel. They appropriately choose what to say, to whom, and when to say it.

7. Continuous evaluation: They evaluate products, processes, and themselves, continuously to see how they can improve. If there is a better way of doing something, they would find it, learn it, and implement it.

6. Take risks: They are willing to try new avenues even at a risk of losing the comfort with certainty. They don’t care what others think of them. They are not scared to take on a road less travelled. They would rather take a failure than no attempt at all.

5. Graciously accept change: While most people are happy with the status-quo, these troopers do not mind change for a better tomorrow. In fact, they seek the change through their evaluation. And when it’s time to deal with it, they do so with no complaints, no regrets, but only with enthusiasm.

4. Flexible decision making: They are capable of making the best possible decisions within the limitations of time and resources. They are not afraid of making quick decisions based on ‘blink’ assessments when the time demands it. But they are not ashamed either of analyzing every aspect before coming to a conclusion, when time permits it. Even when they are not the decision makers, they feel it is ethical to convey their view point only before the decision is made. But once decided they back it up even when it is not up to their expectations! A true team spirit!

3. Work ethic: Their work motto is, ‘Think twice before making a decision, but once you have made it, do your best to see it through.’ While the rest of the crowd is still lingering over the past mistakes, they ask what they can do to make the best of the given situation. Once accepted, they perform the task to the best of their ability and enthusiasm, even though it is doomed for failure. Almost always, they come out of it, better than their peers.

2. Genuinely care about others: They do, they seriously care about your happiness and progress as much as you do. They are happy for your growth – never jealous but always supportive. They willingly share their knowledge, network, and compassion. They make a difference in people’s worlds, one act at a time.

1. Absolutely NO room for cynicism: ‘Don’t ask if it is possible; ask how I can make it possible!’ However lunatic, far-fetched, difficult an idea may seem to others, they never doubt the possibility of it. Whatever their situation is, they do not forget to see the bright side of it. They never question their ability or that of their team. All they think of, is what can make this happen. And if anything or anyone hinders that, they get rid of those obstacles. Don’t confuse their positive, winning attitude for unrealistic expectations. They never give up; they never predict failure; but they never take the win for granted.

Which other trait would you like to add in this list or which one do you think does not belong in this list? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with our readers.

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