Broken Perfection


Something happened last week. I could not get something I had wanted real bad for a few years now. The opportunity presented itself but apparently I wasn’t right for it. I was disappointed.

But I strongly believe whatever happens, happens for the best. The problem is that it is easier believed than realized. 

I spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself. Then as I woke up this morning I came across a beautiful picture and the concept shared by a friend. That was exactly what I needed to see.

Rejection or losing is not easy to handle. It can make you feel insufficient. Not getting what you had worked hard for can make you feel defeated. But there is a reason for it. If everybody is capable of winning all the time, life will be boring. Every person will have the same qualities and lack of nothing.

Instead we all have our strengths and our flaws. We may think that our strengths are essential, and we can live just fine without any flaws. But that’s not true. Our flaws break us from time to time. Yet the quest of combating those flaws is what makes us who we are. In the process we learn, we grow, and we become more beautiful and wholesome.

We will never come unscathed out of every challenge we face. But just because the situation is broken does not mean you ought to be, too. If it has happened, there is a purpose behind it. The purpose is to learn more, think wiser, and feel stronger. In essence, be prepped up for the next opportunity to come.

And rest assured it will!

We are all broken in one way and perfect in another. We are all broken at different places and that’s what makes us uniquely perfect in different situations. Just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. You may not be the right piece in this puzzle but you are that one missing piece without which some other puzzle just cannot be complete. We don’t need to reject or run away from ourselves to fit in a situation we are not meant to fit in. Instead we must try to be a better version of our own self and let the perfect situation find us.

We are all broken to reach perfection. Now all we need is to find the gold which will make our broken self even more beautiful.

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