Do You Really Love It?

I have discovered that unless you truly love – not like, LOVE – what you do, you will not be happy or become an expert at it. You might even manage to be “successful” in the eyes of the world. But you know from within that it still does not give you a sense of fulfillment.

This fact is the most apparent in our careers. I am yet to come across a person who is happy with their career but got there without loving what they do. What about you? Do you LOVE your career?

If the answer is “Yes”, you are lucky! Majority of people don’t have that luxury. Keep thriving!

If the answer is “No” or even “Maybe”, I tell you, it is worth keep looking.
It is never too late to find your true gifts.

Find your passion | Magic Monday by Manasi Kakade

The quest is not easy.

It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and the illusion of happiness that comes through whatever it is that you are currently doing. It takes strength to say no to an apparent logical choice and go after the more uncertain one. It takes persistence to follow your unbeaten path.

But wouldn’t you rather be happy than comfortable?

Observe how you feel after you do different activities. Ask yourself:

  • “What makes me so exhilarated that I feel as if I can conquer anything in that moment?”
  • “What is it that makes me forget my biggest quarrels with my loved ones?”
  • “What comes effortless to me?”
  • For me, it is speaking, coaching, writing, and learning. I am charged up when I do it. I like my current career, but I love the times when I am doing one of the above activities. So now I am on the path of forming a career that allows me to do all of the above, most of the time.

    The reason I said most of the time, is because we all know that there are times when we must take care of what seems mundane or boring to us. But reducing that time is the key to happiness. Life is too short to keep doing what you do not find thrilling. Can you imagine, how wonderful life will be if you always do what you love to do?

    Well, I for sure am not going to settle for anything less. What about you?

    Thanks to Varun Kakde of Aperture Adventures for this beautiful image.

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