The Weekend Academy Membership Application

Are you ready to start your business?
Do you have a message to share but need guidance on how to make a business out of it?
Do you know deep down that it's time to bring out all your gifts and helps others but just not sure how to package them ​into a buisness?

If this is YOU, then The Weekend Academy (TWA) IS for you!

The Weekend Academy (TWA) is my online group mentorship program where Bridgewalker entrepreneurs come to learn how to build a business that expresses WHO THEY ARE.

But TWA isn't just a place to learn business, it's a tribe of next generation thought leaders and change makers...

  • who are ready to change the world through their strengths 
  • who are ready to turn their struggles into an inspiration for others
  • who are ready to express their Dharma (their unique way of being) through their work

If you want to be a part of this, then fill out the application below for The Weekend Academy. If we are a right fit, we will get on a call to discuss more. Either way, you will hear from me in 1-2 business days. 

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