The Weekend Academy Membership Application

​I work ​with Bridgewalkers who ​are aspiring and new entrepreneurs, who believe they are born with a purpose. They want to use their talents, passions, and skills to help others.  And they want to create a life of freedom, fun, and ​prosperity while doing so.  

Are YOU this person?

​Then let's see if ​we are a match. 🙂

The Weekend Academy is my online group mentorship program.

I work ONLY with ​people who are..

1. Ready to invest in themselves - time, money and energy
2. Hungry to ​discover more about themselves, ​and have fun experimenting
3. Convinced that it's high time, they start living their purpose and ​take charge of their own fulfillment

​Are YOU this person? 

Then fill out the application below for The Weekend Academy. 

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