Take charge of your career

Take charge of your career

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You know when you open up Forbes or Fast Company magazine, and what catches your attention is a spotlight on a woman CEO. You read the article and admire her success and the respect she gets in her industry. A part of you is inspired, “How cool it will be to be like her someday”. But that’s when another part of you quietly acknowledges, “I don’t know what exactly I need to do to get there”.

Well, I work with women like you who want to become top corporate leaders someday but aren’t getting the mentorship you need today. I handhold you in learning how to advance your career step-by-step and execute your next best action so you can take charge of your career, fast-track your success, and realize your true potential.

You know you have the talent to succeed and grit to learn what it takes, you simply don’t know what to do and how to do it. I am here to fill that gap and show you how you can navigate the corporate world with intention and confidence.

Hello! I am Manasi Kakade, an engineer turned marketer turned entrepreneur.

My business exists to give women the confidence to own who they are, communicate that to the world, and take charge of bringing fulfilment, joy, and success in their life.


Your career is more than just a way to make money. Your work is the biggest tool you have to leave a lasting impact on the world around you.

But let’s be honest, the journey isn’t all rosy. So this blog is for you to find the inspiration and tips to navigate your career success with confidence.

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The Weekend Academy is like Netflix, but for your career advancement skills. Learn bite-sized skills over a weekend and start implementing them the next week.

The Weekend Academy = Professional development + Personal growth

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There are way too many boring speeches with useful content, and just as many filled with entertaining fluff but no content.

But if you are looking for substance + interactive presentation style, then look no further because that’s how I roll!

Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit!

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How It’s Like to Work With Me

“Manasi doesn’t just teach, she gives simple and clear action items which makes the progress so much easier and faster. I started working with her to improve my LinkedIn presence but what I got out of it is so much more – from clarity on my career goals to a path with next actions to lead me to my desired career! I now feel confident and empowered.

Cindy P.

Sales Solutions Consultant + Aspiring Sales Trainer

“Manasi’s intensive, in-depth presentation on the development and optimal utilization of LinkedIn profile was the best professional growth training I have received in several years.

My profile skyrocketed from a dismal, limping profile to All-Star status in just 1 week by applying her suggestions and strategies.

Brenda M.

Associate Professor / Researcher

“Manasi brought my personal, online brand in the 21st century! In just 4 weeks, she helped me reflect my newly acquired degree and my most valuable skills through my LinkedIn profile, that had been hidden under a busy outdated format.

I really enjoyed Manasi’s warm, professional teaching style, and greatly appreciated her in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn profile and resume effectiveness.

Robin S.

Resource Manager + Aspiring Entrepreneur