16 Inspirational Quotes To Live By In 2015

I heard and read so many “Top 10” type of lists as 2014 ended that I decided to create one for myself. Here are the 16 quotes, in no particular order, that have gotten me through the last year. I hope that these inspirational quotes will carry you through the year 2015.

Happy new year!


Things you want and you have
New year brings new dreams, aspirations, and desires. Nothing wrong with it. But make sure that you are not losing track of how far you have already come in your life. Do not confuse being content for being complacent. You may still want to achieve more, experience more, and have more. Let that be inspiring, not limiting.


Talk about joys-be grateful
We get so involved in what is wrong that we forget to remind ourselves what is right. Take time this year to cherish fond memories, loving people, and blissful experiences. Here is a simple and cute way of doing that. I guarantee you a trip down the memory lane is the best medicine when you are feeling down.


Different results
Stretch your comfort zone this year. If you keep doing the same old, same old, you are going to live the same old life. If you are already where you want to be, congratulations! You are one of the lucky few who have already created the life of their dreams. But you are like me, you crave for more. so go for it! Learn new skills, adopt better habits, experience growth. It is the first step to make your dreams become a reality.


Why birds don't fly
You are only limited by your limiting believes. Believe in the possibilities starting this year. You never know what you are capable of doing, until you do it. Discover your talents and passions. Spread your wings and see how far you can fly.


All yours dreams and desires are worth nothing if you do not take any action to bring them to reality. All it takes is one small step in the right direction. Doesn’t matter how small that action is. It will break the cycle of over thinking and over analyzing. Make it happen.


Time we have
I have come to appreciate this quote so much more in the recent years after unexpectedly losing some loved ones. Do not postpone your happiness. You never know how much time you have left. Remember that one hobby you have been putting off, that one friend you have been meaning to call, that one vacation you have been planning for ever? Do all that today, this week, and this year! If it makes you happy, it is worth doing right now.


How strong are you
In the last year, I lost a job, a few career opportunities, and a dear friend. I was broken every time, and did not know how I would recover. Yet, I did. I sure did! Why? Because when there is no option, you just have to adopt to the situation. Soon you will also learn to make the most out of what you have. So when you face a difficult situation, hang in there with all your strength. You do get better at dealing with it.


Plan a-z
Speaking of things not going your way, don’t worry about those. Other options will arise and I promise, they will be better for you. When I lost a job, I started working on more on my writing and coaching. I have started receiving offers to consult through these efforts. I am on my way to build my own business. In hindsight, the best thing that has happened to me in 2014 is to lose my job.


Victim mentality
When you accept that you are never going to have 100% control over your life, you will be less stressed. Some situations are out of your control and they should be treated so. No amount of complaining or fighting with those will help you. You just have to let go.

With the same logic, if you do not want to leave a situation, you have to change what’s not working for you. Again, complaining is not a solution. Venting once in a while is OK but do not get into a habit of just complaining and not taking any actions to accept or change your situation. This attitude will take you far in living a stress-free life.


Find what you are passionate about
This is the biggest favor you can do to yourself – finding out what makes you tickle. Last year, I made it a point to really do more of what I like and observe what makes me shine from within. I now have more direction on how I can create a life of my dreams than I ever had, and I am already living many of those passions every day. Make conscious effort this year to observe what makes you happy and do it.


Do small things great way
This is the best way to find your passions. Whatever you do, give it your best. When you bring passion in your everyday life, you will (almost miraculously) stumble upon the activities that you are intrinsically passionate about. I don’t even know how to explain this but this has been my experience and of many successful people I have heard from. Thinking about what your passions are, is not nearly as effective as just doing many activities with love, and then observing what makes you the happiest. So get to it! No task is too small to enjoy – even doing dishes, laundry, vacuuming.


Gratitude brings happiness
Be grateful for what you already have. Period! There is no better way to start and end your day with gratitude. It instantly brightens your outlook which then affects every activity that you do throughout the day. Practice gratitude for at least 21 days to develop a habit of gratefulness. Then see how your mindset changes.


happiness creates success
Why am I talking about so many ways of being happy? Because many people think that they will be happy when they become successful, meaning when they achieve certain luxuries in life, reach certain milestones, or live some predetermined experiences. It’s wrong! If you wait for happiness, you will keep waiting.

Do not save being happy for future. Just be happy right now. You will think clearer, take actions in the right direction, and hence move faster towards your goals. In short, when you are happy, all that you want, to label your life “successful” will start happening.


Stuff vs experiences
You know I have become a big fan of decluttering in the last year. I got rid of half of the stuff that I owned. I have also understood the value of creating memories. May those be with yourself or with your loved ones. We all are limited on either time and / or money. Why not use those valuable resources in creating more memories than more stuff? Once your needs are satisfied, stuff does not matter much. Ultimately it’s those memories that will take you through the thick and thin in life. Here are some of my own experiences which will help you get started on this track.


How to deal with anger
We all have those unhealed wounds. But you also want the healing, don’t you? Then the first step is to let go. Let go of that anger, worry, sadness, or frustration. Forgive the situation or person that hurt you. Such a burden i too much to carry with you in the new year, and is only going to hurt you. Write a letter, speak to the person, or just vent out with a friend once. Then move on! If you want your head and heart to be open to receiving new, wonderful memories, create space for those by ditching the bad ones. Forgive and forget.


Something good in every day
Yes, this is the truth! Not all days are going to be equal. Some will be better than others. But find that one good thing in each and every day. And there will be one – the sunrise, flowers, clear sky, family, friends. If not anything, just the fact that you lived another day to be a part of this world, is something to be happy about.

I hope you find these 16 quotes inspirational. Which one resonated the most with you? Or do you have another one that guides you through life?

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Here’s to creating the life of your dreams in 2015!

(Note: Credit to authors and / or publishers of the quotes are on the images. If you know of any that I could not find the source for and hence mention, please share in comments so that I can assign the due credit to creators of these eloquent words, and aesthetic images.)

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