This time spring is certainly here to stay! What a gorgeous weekend we had with the friends – bright, sunny days, the first barbeque of the season, and the start of grooming the garden.

Those stubborn weeds have already started peeping out. Just like our bad habits. It amazes me how stubborn they both are. No matter how many of them I get rid of, new ones seem to pop out of nowhere.

I remember when I was a child. Biting nails was one of the habits I had a hard time quitting. As I worked at it, habitual procrastination started settling in. As I beat procrastination with some planning, I became a slave to my schedule. As I aspired to incorporate some spontaneity in my life, I leaned towards becoming precarious. And the list continues…

Of course, as per my revelation last week, I am content in the fact that I cannot be and should not be perfect. But what about excellence? We can at least strive for that, right?

Granted that just like pulling the weeds, getting rid of the bad habits is a process with no end. But make it fun. See more benefits in it than just what is obvious. My father tells me that getting rid of a bad habit is just replacing it with a new, good habitThe excitement of what’s to come is more powerful inspiration than the worry of what needs to be gone. 

I recently read somewhere that if you continue to learn new skills in life you may prevent or delay diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Another article recommended learning 3 new things every year – no matter how simple or complex they are – to keep you young. What a great incentive to get rid of some bad habits!

  • Do you want to stop your sedentary lifestyle? Maybe you can learn dancing.
  • Do you want to stop eating junk food? Maybe you can experiment with cooking by watching YouTube videos.
  • Do you want to stop feeling bored? Maybe you can take some pottery making classes.

Our personalities are like a garden. We want to cultivate colorful flowers that uplift our spirit and that of others.

But flowers cannot thrive where weeds survive. Inspect your garden periodically to see which weeds have started making a home there. Once you find out, thoughtfully replace those with some flowers which when planted will grow so much so that there will be no room for your weeds to sustain. Then just watch as your garden continues to become a source of happiness to you and inspiration to those around you.

Now tell me what are your weeds? Which flowers can replace those?