First of all, thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to my 1st Magic Monday post – “Do You Really LOVE It“. I have received quite a few comments, messages, and phone calls since the post was published. While writing the post, I had thought to myself that if this post made 1 person think about their happiness and career, I would consider that it to be fruitful. But this one, clearly surpassed the goal! Thank you!

Today, I am going to discuss the other side of the coin which is even more magical – “Love what you do“.

This is a simple principle. It comes naturally to us when we are doing something we already love. But what about the rest – those everyday chores, the activities we do just because somebody asked us , or even the things that we hate doing? Well, here is my principle. If you are going to do it anyway, why not enjoy doing it!

Obviously, you had a choice to say “No” before you decided to do it – say no to others or say no to yourself. Either you did not take that choice or you just felt that saying no was not an option. Then why complain now? Just do it with all the enthusiasm you got. Try it. Soon enough, the pain of disliking it will go away, you will be more productive, and possibly even start liking the activity.

But the most important advantage of loving what you do is that you free up your mind from thinking, and focus it on doing. You save your valuable energy and thoughts for the activities that you actually love doing rather than wasting on hating those that you still have to do anyway.

It did not take me a long time to learn this, but it took me much longer to choose to do it consciously. When I was a child, I realized that I lost all my energy in complaining to my parents how much I hated doing what they forced me to do, had to do it anyway, and then I had no desire left to do what I liked because I was still sulking. So I decided to play indifferent. And that worked!

Now that I am grown up, playing indifferent is becoming harder. I am more invested in everything – good, bad, and ugly. So I have to make a conscious decision of taking it a step further – don’t just remain indifferent, choose to like it. No doubt, it is easier said than done. But it’s all in the attitude! Once you acquire that attitude, loving what you do becomes a habit.

Here is how you can start:

  • Just try to smile while doing a regular chore. Physical act of smiling flushes out the feelings of stress and anger, and releases the hormones which make you feel happy. Fake it until you make it. Fake a smile until it comes out naturally. 🙂
  • Find a buddy to do it with you. Exercise buddies is great example of this principle.
  • Ask for help. I don’t know why but so many people never ask for help but unconsciously expect the help. Let me tell you, nobody is a mind reader. There is no shame is asking what you need. All they can say is no. Not that it will worsen your situation.
  • Stop and look around. Notice your surroundings. Chances are high that right now you are totally blind to many things around you that you actually enjoy. Better yet, start creating the atmosphere that you like.
    • – Are you standing in a long grocery line? Look at that baby giggling while playing with her sibling?


    • – Are you vacuuming that dusty carpet? Listen to your favorite music.


    – Are you working on that treacherous excel sheet? Enjoy sipping a cup of hot chocolate (or chilled lemonade if you are not in New England. 😉

Have you realized yet that while you may not have a privilege of selection, you do have a freedom of choice? Simple acceptance of this fact will help you choose to be happy than grumpy.

I am choosing happiness, what about you?

Thanks to Varun Kakde of Aperture Adventures for the featured photo full of life!