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Are you a Bridgewalker?

A Bridgewalker is a person who has the ability to bridge the gap between the divine, "woo" world and the human existence.

These are critical thinkers, analytically minded people who are fascinated by all things spiritual.

- You have a special gift of balancing the human existence with the spiritual gifts. 
- You bring the soul into systems and processes.
- You are born to normalize what's considered "woo woo" for so long, and to show the world how it can be used in practical life.

It's time to embrace who YOU are.

It's time to step into your purpose and start serving this world the best way only YOU can.


It's not the time to hide. It's the time to shine!


I am Manasi Kakade.

I am a Bridgewalker.

My purpose is to teach other Bridgewalkers how step into their purpose through a business that's an expression of who they are. 


It took me some time and quite a bit of experimentation to discover my biggest strengths, own my identity with confidence, and have the courage to accept my purpose.

My work is  my prayer.

A​​​​re you ready to step into your purpose?


You are born to do bigger things than a 9-5 corporate job allows you to do. It's time to design your OWN career aka business that uses your passions and skills to help others. 

It's time to own who YOU are, express your soul, and serve this world the way you are born to serve. 

It's time to step fully into your purpose! 

I will hold your hand every step of the way.

​With Manasi, I can work directly from my heart and not just my intellect, and be heard and respected.

Associate Professor + 
Aspiring Coach

Manasi doesn’t just teach, she gives simple and clear action items which makes the progress so much easier and faster.

Sales Professional +
 Aspiring Trainer

The classes are helping me find the real happiness, strength and core values. It feels like taking control of your situation and being more confident about yourself.


Entrepreneurship is a tool for self-discovery and  self-expression.

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